SATAMI x Chubby Chubby Model Management – Project Light Sports

We are excited to annouce that the Satami is collaborating with “Chubby Chubby Model Management” to launch a 「輕 keng 運動企劃」(also know as “Project-Light-Sports”) with vision to encourage every woman to start doing exercise at ease.  

Satami shares the vision of Chubby Chubby Model Management is to promote models of all sizes instead of stereotyping of standard size models. Satami always believe that every woman can be beautiful when one can find the suitable and best things in life for her.

We see that most sports wear and activewear brands in the current market promote “you must work hard” and “try your best” ideas to fueling the public campaign to engage sports. We think on contrary, this is kind of disconnected from reality between normal people and sportsman or experts’ ways of doing sports. Hence, in the Project-Light-Sports campaign, we would ask the experts to plan some “workable” and “easy-to-do” sports routines that every one can master easily. By having a good and easy start, everyone can enjoy and have fun on the sports that you like, but not pulling you back from re-doing. Because we believe doing sports is just like Satami’s design concept of quality bras and underwear for all women, “Every Small Step Counts”, as with every little steps you have taken will lead you toward a bigger and better you.

Every Small Step Counts

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