Our Commitment


Preserving beauty, enriching technical knowledge, continuous innovation, refining craftsmanship and sharing know-how are in our DNA. We are committed to doing well by giving and gaining respects and values from one another.

Respect employees, value suppliers, treasure customers, protect the environment. We respect for all.

SATAMI is committed to educate on lingerie related knowledge and deliver positive messages to our customers and general public through difference channels, such as professional consultation advices, campaigns, workshops and events.


SATAMI is fully aware that what we do and how we act may impact the society. We are committed to uphold the best practices and highest standards beyond social compliance for every activity. For instance, we shall ensure ethically sourced materials and manufactured products, good working conditions, etc. We are committed to educate women on positive messages and confident self-image.


We are committed to ensure high quality in both our products and services. We use only good quality materials and fabrics that meet international standards. Our products have been sewn and manufactured by experienced tailors for decades.


wwf-logoWe are committed to reduce our environmental footprints by promoting eco-friendly process in our product lines and reduction of waste at daily activities. For instance, we partner with WWF® Hong Kong and donate paper bag levy collected in our retail shops for environmental protection and educational purpose.


We are committed to making our world a better place. SATAMI supports community programs that focus on empowering women and promoting love and care and positive messages in the community.

We All Have The Ability To Give