Key Persons


Always ready for challenge

Calvin Shiu

Director of Retails & Operation

With extensive interior design background, Calvin joined SATAMI Group in 1999, where he held positions in the Group’s retail operation and business developments. With extensive experience in the area, he is currently the Director of the Group’s retails and operation division specialised in retail strategy and organisation.


Never stop creating

Kennax Lee

Director of Design & Merchandising

A graduate from the Hawaii Pacific University, Kennax joined the Group in 1994, where she held positions in the design and merchandising division of the Group. Starting from 2003, she is leading the Group’s design and merchandising team for design and production of functional lingerie and shapewear.


Make every effort counts

Dennis Mak

Director of Accounting & Finance

Dennis is a business graduate from the Curtin University of Perth. He had worked in several national banks in Australia and New Zealand until he joined the Group in 2002. With his extensive experience in the area, he is currently the Director of the accounting and finance division of the Group.


Do what you love
Love what you do

Raymond Lee

Director of Sales & Marketing

Raymond became the brand manager for Satami in 2010 with major role in promoting Satami and the associated brands. He joined the Group as the head of the sales and marketing team in 2015. Academically, he is an engineering graduate and a postgraduate from the Universities in N.Z. and Australia.