What Is Your Perfect Alphabet?

Women have different breast shapes and sizes, which somehow makes us unique as an individual. But sadly, it is also quite common that we are named after our cup sizes. It seems there are certain breast sizes that the society sees as being better or having a higher social status.

Particularly in Hong Kong, women are frequently labelled by their breast cup sizes. Celebrities are named after their cup sizes. According to statistics from, Hong Kong women have the smallest cup sizes in the world. It is very discouraging and in this kind of background and with the distorted image of women projected by the media, women with bigger breasts in Hong Kong are often considered as playing a more dominant role and having a higher social status.

Small breasts make me less of a woman?

Perfect In Your Way Film

SATAMI always hope that we can help women of different ages and stages in their lives to re-discover their own beauty. We feel it is somehow our responsibility to stand out and disrupt this incorrect social norm and distorted image projected on Hong Kong women, which leads to their lack of confidence.

Therefore, we planned a campaign named “Perfect In Your Way” featured with an online video that invited women to openly and honestly talk about their cup sizes. They were asked to choose their preferred cup size. Surprisingly, the conversations reveal that hardly any women are satisfied with their cup size, no matter which end of the alphabet they inhabit. Let’s listen to what they say.

At the end of the film, the women were able to listen to each other’s comments and started to learn that cup size does not matter. What is important is whether or not they believe in themselves, and can embrace the fact that they are just perfect in their own way with the unique imperfections.


The Value That Matters

Although this video is filmed on Hong Kong women, it did bring out a universal value that no one can be perfect in the eyes of other people and there is no meaning to merely live your life up to others’ expectations. At the end, we have to face our so-called imperfections bravely on our own every day. All it matters is that we shall live happily and joyfully.

Treasure what you have. Whenever you gain something, you often lose other things.

We hope that, after you have watched the video, you would be proud of who you are. There is no single perfect alphabet but only an alphabet that is meant to be perfect for you. No matter what your cup size is, you shall still feel confident as the way you are. Remember you are just perfect in your way.